Angel Shoutout: Jillian Mourning

Jillian Mourning
Founder, All We Want is L.O.V.E.

Jillian MourningJillian was 19 years-old when she took a break from college to start her modeling career. After being taken advantage of by her manager, as is the case with many victims, this led to a vicious cycle where she became the victim of sexual trafficking and blackmail for six months.

Once she was able to get out of that dangerous situation, Jillian graduated on the chancellor’s list and cum laude from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in International Studies and German with a minor in Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights. During her final semester she focused on a thesis on human trafficking and sexual slavery.

Jillian knew she needed to do something to prevent sex trafficking and provide aid to victims. In July 2012, she started All We Want is LOVE (Liberation of Victims Everywhere).


All We Want Is LOVE fights trafficking through three main components:

Through education of high schools, colleges, and individuals everywhere All We Want Is LOVE is dedicated to making sure everyone knows of the injustice of trafficking. They teach people anything from the basics on trafficking, types, why, acquisition, the trap, and tangible things individuals can do. Through their education they create individuals capable of recognizing a potential situation and the drive to report such findings.

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They facilitate trainings for different business groups to train employees who may come across trafficking situations. From hotel workers, cable and power companies, and creating events for law enforcement, providing resources and training to those most likely to come across a trafficking victim plays a crucial role in their potential and hopeful freedom.


Rescue Resources
They provide rescue resources from tangible items marked with the hotline number as well as packets describing human trafficking and the signs catered to specific businesses.

All We Want is LOVE also partners with several other organizations that help them in their goal of fighting human trafficking. Thanks to support from counselors, attorneys, and businesses they have resources to provide victims coming out of trafficking.

To date, the organization assisted in the rescue of three models from sex trafficking, as well as distributed 12,000 bars of soap labeled with the National Sex Trafficking Hotline to hotels during the PGA Golf Tournament, which resulted in five cases being reported.

To learn more about All We Want is LOVE, please visit:

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